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Toyota Hilux Moulded Floor Mats

Hight quality moulded floor mats made from environmentally friendly TPV polymer.
Prevents dust, mud, liquids, and general dirt from getting into your carpet fibres.
Easy to clean, just take them out and hose them off…

Odourless, waterproof, and dustproof.

Custom moulds are made using 3D scanning technology ensuring a great custom fit.
Available in black.

PLEASE NOTE: This product ships to South African addresses only.

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  • This product ships to South African addresses only.
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Protects your vehicle’s original carpeting from dirt, dust, mud and grime. Custom-designed to fit your vehicle’s interior.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions63 × 34 × 32 cm

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024


After February, Before March, N/A


Automatic, Manual, N/A

Row 1 Fronts

Yes, No

Row 2 Rear (Double Cab Only)

Yes, No


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We manufacture this product for the following list of vehicles. Your selection of options will determine which specific variant of the product gets shipped to you. The product will ONLY fit the vehicle in your selection as it is specifically manufactured and cut to the exact dimensions of your selected vehicle with the selected options.

ToyotaHilux2006Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2006Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2007Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2007Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2008Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2008Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2009Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2009Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2009Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2010Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2010Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2010Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2011Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2011Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2011Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2012Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2012Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2012Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2013Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2013Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2013Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2014Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2014Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2014Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2015Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2015Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2015Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2016Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2016Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2016Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2017Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2017Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2017Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2018Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2018Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2018Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2019Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2019Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2019Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2020Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2020Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2020Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2021Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2021Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2021Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2022Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2022Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2022Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2023Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2023Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2023Xtra Cab
ToyotaHilux2024Double Cab
ToyotaHilux2024Single Cab
ToyotaHilux2024Xtra Cab
Toyota Hilux Moulded Floor Mats
R950R1,900Select options
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